Candidate Assessment

From the applications and candidate searches (internal & external database) as well as our network and social media work,we develop a list of suitable, available candidates and select 2-6 candidates on client preference from our lists to submit for client consideration.

Our candidate selection is based on a number of assessment criteria:

  • Skills/Calibre Verification – Questioning at interview, Reference checking
  • Personality/Potential Insight – Character pointers noted while vetting and interviewing
  • Culture/Suitability – Visit client’s site, meet or Video I/V applicant
  • Money Requirements– True comparisons to ensure offers are appropriate and accepted
  • Career/Ambition – Preparedness to stay in post, willingness to develop as needed
  • Client Specific Criteria - Assess any specific criteria and aptness for specific position
  • Interview Notes – Are provided when appropriate along with copies of references
  • Expert Interviews – Facility for Technical experts to interview prospects
  • Formal Testing - Technical testing and/or Psychometric testing as required

Interview facilities are available at the Abrecco office to allow clients the opportunity to interview our candidates away from the usual interruptions of your business day.