How Programmers Are Building the Future

The spurt of growth in technology that we have witnessed over the past century can only be described as phenomenal. For thousands of years our computations were performed on the abacus then, at the end of the 19th century, a mathematician called Charles Babbage designed the Analytical Engine, a machine that became the basic framework for the modern computer. Since then technology is a snowball rolling down a hill: it just keeps growing and growing until it becomes unstoppable.

That’s why there will always be a need for programmers, this behemoth needs to be fed. Just as soon as the next big thing sees the light of day, it is yesterday’s news as the next idea forms and programmers write the code that brings it to life. In a report released last year, job analytics experts Burning Glass announced that there were more than 7 million job opportunities for people with coding skills in 2015, with programming jobs seeing a 12% faster growth than the market average! If that was in 2015, what’s it going to be like this year?

Growing trends mean that new avenues and exciting opportunities for programming jobs are developing. The growth of the Internet of Things (IOT) presents a whole new sector. With IOT everything is connected, tech talking to other tech, controlled from a central hub or your smartphone. When you are late coming in from work your curtains will close, your lights will come on, your favourite TV show will record, the heat or air conditioning will come on according to the temperature and music will begin playing in every room as you open the front door. Oh dear, are we working that hard to become that lazy?

The massive popularity of Pokemon shows there is a desire for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as the new reality in entertainment. The rise of big data and the Cloud, the prevalence of automation in our factories and ever smarter robots making our life easier (even our cars will be driving themselves!); all of these technological marvels need people who can write code. As for Artificial Intelligence (AI)…well, we need someone who can keep the machines in check!

The jobs are there for anyone who can speak the languages of the future: java, javascript, C++, C#, XML, .NET…everything from A# .NET to ZPL. If these languages mean anything to you then congratulations you are a programmer – the builder of the future.

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Posted on Tuesday Jan 17