Consistently delivering the right candidates depends on the resources we have in place and the expertise of our consultants and support staff is what sets us apart from many of our competitors. We take the time to train all our staff to be competent in not only identifying the best candidates on the market for their skills and experience, but ensuring their personality and career ambitions are a good match also.

Our resource base is drawn from our own database, contacts, referrals, advertisements and numerous on-line resource pools. We maintain a large, relevant and current candidate database.

We have the ability to run comprehensive advertisement campaigns as required. We have access to those who are looking for an immediate career change or new contract. We also have access to those who only look occasionally or have looked in the past but would move for the right opportunity. Some key initiatives are highlighted below.

Internet Advertising

Like all other recruitment consultancies we use online advertising as a method of attracting suitable candidates though we have seen a rapid decline in the number of placements we make using this traditional advertising method. Over that past few years over 60% of our placements have been with candidates from our own in house database which we’ve been developing since our inception.

Post and Email

We recognise that sometimes the old ways are the best and we make every attempt to contact those candidates on our database whose contact information is out of date. We often find that while mobile numbers and email addresses can change regularly, most people tend to stay at the same address for much longer periods of time. That’s why we use good old fashion letters when contacting prospective candidates.

Social Media and Referrals

As technology advances and social habits change, we found that we have a much greater reliance on social media and networking tools than ever before. We encourage our staff to embrace these new tools and to actively utilise their existing networking capabilities while keeping up to date with the fast paced development of newer technologies and candidate attraction methods.

We spend a significant amount of our time on the phone speaking with candidates who are currently registered with Abrecco or one of our partner database resources. We do this to both assess their suitability for current and future opportunities and also gain referrals for other suitable applicants who may not be active in the market.

Abrecco Web Site

We’ve recently invested in the redevelopment of our website from a traditional “brochure” style into a much more dynamic and interactive experience where we can advertise our vacancies, have candidates upload their details and even allow clients to register vacancies. This is just another example of our drive to provide the best service possible in all areas of our business.